Restorative Dental Care in Austin 

Whether due to unexpected injury, trauma, congenital factors, or advanced decay, a natural smile may not be able to stand the test of time. And dental health complications such as missing or severely damaged teeth can impact proper jaw function as well as quality of life. At Advanced Smile Center, Dr. Ellie Samani and her capable team take great pride in helping patients renew the health, function, and beauty of their smiles with the highest-quality dental restorations and state-of-the-art care. We aim to preserve the overall well-being of patient smiles with reliable materials that are both beautiful and durable.

We encourage you to contact our skilled and compassionate team if you or a loved one are experiencing the repercussions of severe damage or missing teeth in the Austin community. Call us today to find out how our restorative care can benefit your smile! 

Exceptional Restorative and Prosthetic Care from Dr. Ellie Samani 

With almost three decades of experience in treating the unique aspects of smiles for patients of every age, Dr. Ellie Samani truly understands that each restoration treatment plan should be personalized to the individual receiving care. Whether looking to repair minor damage or replace up to an entire arch of teeth, each of our restorative solutions are custom-crafted with the highest-quality enamel-colored composite, porcelain, and zirconia materials. Depending on which dental prosthetic your smile requires, we can provide convenient same-day restorations or utilize the skill of our trusted outside lab to craft your tooth-replacement appliance. 

At Advanced Smile Center, Dr. Samani and her team offer the following solutions:

Enamel-Colored Fillings-  Composite resin fillings repair cracked, fractured, or damaged teeth. Because these restorations bond effectively with natural enamel, they are resilient to everyday wear and tear. 

Porcelain Crowns- With utilizing our in-house dental technology, we can provide quality, same-day porcelain crown restorations that are custom crafted to mimic your unique smile, allowing for long-lasting durability and discreet results. 

Bridges- we offer bridge appliances when two or more teeth are missing in a row. These restorations replace several missing teeth by using surrounding structures as the foundation. In doing so, this creates a literal “bridge” between the remaining and absent teeth.

Dentures- Our traditional, full-denture appliances rest on the gums using natural suction and are personalized for the replacing the needs of an entire smile. The implant-supported equivalents are supported and attached to titanium posts, securing the dentures in place.  

Root Canal Therapy- Root canal therapy is designed to save the natural structure of a severely damaged or infected tooth. Dr. Samani will properly remove the infected tissues and disinfect the tooth, finalizing treatment with a restorative crown that will protect the treated tooth from future infection.

Tooth Extractions- For teeth that have been infected past the point of traditional endodontic treatment, or teeth that have erupted impacted, we can perform gentle extractions. We also provide sedation dentistry care to ensure comfort and confidence while in the dental chair. 

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The entire team at Advanced Smile Center are dedicated to preserving and restoring the health, beauty, and function of smiles throughout the Austin communities. Call our practice today to schedule your comprehensive consultation!

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