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What are Same-Day Appointments?

Same-day appointments make your dental care so much easier. It helps when you're dealing with an emergency that you can be treated in the same day as your emergency appointment. For routine dental appointments, we can get work started after an exam has been done. This saves you from having to make multiple trips back and forth to the office.

Why might you need a Same-Day Appointment?

Most often, same-day appointments are beneficial for emergency patients. If you come in with an emergency, we'll work diligently so that it can be treated in the same day that you come in. However, same-day appointments are great for patients who may need one or two fillings after having an exam by the dentist. The appointments prevent the need to continually come back just for dental treatment.

What are the benefits of Same-Day Appointments?

The major benefit of a same-day appointment is not having to come back just to be seen for treatment. Instead, the work is done all on the same day. It's great for busy families who don't have the time for multiple appointments and visits. It's especially beneficial for emergency patients who need immediate work started.

What can you expect during a routine Same-Day Appointment?

If you're interested in a same-day appointment, let us know that you want to have work done at the time of your appointment. We will work immediately to get you scheduled in to have treatment started. Our goal is to make your visit with us both convenient and beneficial. Same-day appointments are great for the whole family, especially if you all want to be seen on the exact same day. For emergency situations, we can try to get you in the same day that you are seen to treat the emergency condition. Here at Pearl Dental Associates, we dedicate our work to helping each and every patient.

If you want a same-day appointment to have dental work done, call us so that we can get you in to be seen by one of our doctors.

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