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Dental Implants at the Dental Office of Advanced Smile Center.

Even with all the help of modern dentistry, you may still experience the loss of a tooth. This poses a problem for both how you look and feel. When your smile reveals a gap in your teeth or you cannot chew as comfortably as you once did, you may be anxious to find a tooth replacement option that returns normalcy to your smile.  

Advanced Smile Center in Austin provides the most healthy and comprehensive treatment for tooth loss with dental implant restorations. Implants are placed in house by Dr. Ellie Samani, saving you the inconvenience of needing care from an unfamiliar dental professional. Dr. Samani uses cutting-edge technology and the latest techniques to ensure your dental implants are precisely placed and fitted with beautiful crowns.  

Full Restoration of Form and Function Provided with Dental Implants 

Dental implant restorations are held in the highest regard of tooth replacement options because they return full function and beauty to your smile without the alteration of neighboring teeth or the need for constant readjustments. With dental implants, you receive a free-standing tooth root and a lifelike crown that will make you forget you ever lost a tooth. 

Dental Implants Preserve the Health of Your Jaw Bone 

A healthy jawbone is essential to dental implant placement. Before treatment, Dr. Samani will assess your jaw bone and, if you have bone loss, will be able to perform a bone graft. This increases bone volume so your jaw bone is a strong anchor for the placement of a dental implant.

Dental Implants are titanium posts strategically placed into the jaw to provide maximum support for a restorative crown. Because of the biocompatible nature of titanium, bone growth surrounds the posts typically within four months. The implant posts also prevent the progression of bone resorption, a process where the jaw begins to atrophy. With the stimulation of bone growth, your facial structure is preserved and spared from aging prematurely.

Implant Supported Porcelain Crowns are Lustrous and Strong

Porcelain crowns are attached to an implant post using an abutment. The crowns are designed to the exact dimensions of natural teeth, and they are matched to the surrounding color of tooth enamel. They have the luster of a natural tooth and restore the full force of your bite. 

Comprehensive Implant Supported Restorations at Advanced Smile Center 

Dental implants have over a 95% rate of success, and with proper care, they can last a lifetime. If you are looking for an expert in dental implant restorations, contact Advanced Smile Center. 

Dr. Ellie Samani provides every step of treatment necessary for dental implants, whether it be a bone graft, placement of the implant posts, or designing beautiful restorative crowns. Serving people in Pflugerville, Round Rock, North Austin, and Austin, contact Dr. Ellie Samani at Advanced Smile Center today! 

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