Sedation/Pain Free Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry by Dr. Samani

At Advanced Smile Center, we want your visit to our office to be positive and comfortable, which is why we offer the benefits of sedation dentistry in Austin, TX. Dental sedation helps puts nervous patients at ease and is especially helpful at making longer appointments appear to pass in no time at all.

Dental Sedation at Advanced Smile Center

Dr. Samani offers two methods of relaxing sedation dentistry which helps patients to achieve a worry-free state of comfort. Our sedation dentistry options include:

Oral Conscious Sedation - In this treatment method, patients are given a pill to take at home, before their appointment, and can be recommended a second dose in office,
depending on their current level of anxiety.  Oral conscious sedation is usually a variety of anti-anxiety medication that is effective in helping patients achieve a state of improved
well-being. Depending on the type of medication you are recommended by our Austin sedation dentist, the effects can last for several hours -- perfect for longer appointments.

Nitrous Oxide - With laughing gas, or nitrous oxide, patients inhale medication through a small mask that is placed over their nose and mouth. After several minutes, feelings of relaxation will begin to take effect, making your appointment as comfortable as possible. Nitrous provides for more moderate level of sedation, making it ideal for shorter procedures. By inhaling pure oxygen after your visit is complete, the sedative effect is reduced, so you can leave our office without feeling groggy.

Sedation dentistry is safe and effective for patients with a range of anxieties concerning their dental visit or oral health needs. Before recommending sedation dentistry, Dr. Samani consults with patients to understand their needs and determine the right sedation method to ensure a positive visit to our dental office.

Sedation Dentistry for Oral Surgery and Other Complex Procedures

Perhaps the most significant benefit that sedation offers to dental patients is its ability to dramatically shorten the perceived length of your procedure. While you will not necessarily be asleep during your appointment, patients often enter into a feeling of deep relaxation that feels like sleep, making dental visits appear to have passed in a fraction of the time.

Sedation dentistry at our Austin, TX dental office also limits the sensory experiences of smells, sights, and sounds. If your dental anxiety is triggered by the noise created by some dental tools, sedation helps to eliminate those experiences. Sedation is particularly effective for longer procedures. At Advanced Smile Center, Dr. Samani often recommends oral conscious sedation and/or nitrous oxide for dental implant placement, wisdom teeth extraction, or complex whole mouth restoration procedures that call for the application of many veneers and crowns.

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To learn more about what our sedation dental services can do to make your next appointment more relaxing and pain-free, contact Advanced Smile Center today.

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