Oral Surgery

Oral Surgeon in Austin, TX

Optimal oral health involves making sure that teeth are not only healthy, but that the surrounding dental structures function properly as well. This can often involve surgical intervention to correct abnormalities and issues. 

Dr. Ellie Samani and her team of expert dental care professionals offer comprehensive dental care all under one roof. We perform procedures ranging from bone grafting to implant placement. Call our office to schedule a consultation and to find out more.

Bone grafting involves bolstering the jaw bone following an extraction or tooth loss. This procedure preserves existing bone volume by filling the space with either natural occurring bone from another part of the body or synthetic bone grafting material.

Sinus lifts add bone volume to the upper jaw near the molars and premolars to increase the height of the bone in the upper jaw. 

Ridge augmentation is necessary after an extraction to restore the natural contour of the gums and jaw that has been lost. 

Dental implant placement involves inserting a prosthetic root directly into the jawbone to support both surrounding dental structures and the prosthetic replacement.

Complex Oral Surgery

Oral surgery can solve many complexities regarding the structure of the smile, including bone and gum complications. In many cases, combining multiple procedures into one treatment plan ensure your entire dental system operates optimally.

Call our practice to discuss options with Dr. Ellie Samani and her team today.

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