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Cleanings and Prevention in Austin

Many dental conditions can be avoided or prevented with diligent, proactive, and preventive oral health care. Remember, if you maintain your smile today, it can largely look and feel the same ten years from now. If you do not, you may have yellowed, damaged, or missing teeth. 

Dr. Ellie Samani and her dedicated team use several preventive measures to help your smile last a lifetime. At Advanced Smile Center, your teeth are protected and preserved with meticulous cleanings and thorough exams. We serve patients living in Pflugerville, Round Rock, North Austin, and Austin.  

Importance of Education in Oral Health Care 

Recognizing the importance of routine exams is part of the education we provide to help patients maintain their oral health. Early intervention stops the progression of gum disease and tooth decay. We educate you on the warning signs of gingivitis, such as swollen, bleeding, and tender gums, and we can share ways to avoid tooth decay. Techniques for proper brushing and flossing are shared, as well as how diet and tobacco use adversely affect teeth and gums. 

Exams and Cleanings to Maintain Healthy Smiles 

Dr. Samani provides routine exams and cleanings to treat dental conditions in their earliest stages, so you can avoid costly and complex procedures down the road.  Digital x-rays, which use 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays, are a safe way Dr. Samani can show you on a computer screen any oral health concerns. Using a veloscope, Advanced Smile Center can even help save your life by detecting the earliest signs of oral cancer.

Routine cleanings are also essential to your dental health since they remove harmful bacteria from the deep crevices in your smile that may be overlooked in your at-home oral healthcare regimen. Sealants may be recommended to protect deep contours from tooth decay. Tooth enamel is also strengthened with fluoride treatments and polished with a gentle abrasive to remove stains.

Mouth Guards Protect Teeth

Mouth Guards are another consideration in preserving your oral health. They are necessary for those playing contact sports but recommended for anybody engaged in physical activity. Mouth guards also prevent damage for those who grind their teeth at night, a condition called bruxism. 

Contact Advanced Smile Center in Austin for Outstanding Exams and Cleanings 

If you are looking for a compassionate team who wants to see your smile last a lifetime, contact the dental office of Dr. Ellie Samani at Advanced Smile Center. Serving people in Pflugerville, Round Rock, North Austin, and Austin, Dr. Samani provides the education and preventive services necessary to keep your oral health in optimal condition.

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